Get Biofuel is an intiative of the Growth Energy trade association to promote American grown, corn based, ethanol fuels.

When I was brought on to this project the team had a tight deadline and unfinsihed designs. By thinking in systems I was able to take the incomplete designs and built a component system, so that when new designs came I could use the components that fit into the designs we did have. When I needed to create a new component to fill in a gap in design, I would build with the mindset that piece could be used again to make future pages easier to developer.

Get Biofuel Homepage

Each company that subscbribes to the Evan360 platform is registered a subdomain that isolates all of the user’s data from other companies. Companies can have teams that allow for managers to signup their team members.

Get Biofuel Fuelfinder

Mobile First

Because it’s 2021 and everything should be expected to be accessed everywhere. And, due to the nature of the fuel finder supporting people on the move, it was important that this asspect of the site works exceptionally well on mobile.

Trip Planning

Probably the most complex integration between between Google Maps and my clients services. I used a Route

The Technology

  • Gatsby.js - Static website generator
  • React
  • Wordpress Headless API
  • Styled components
  • Google API
  • Netlify build tools and hosting
  • AWS Lambda Microservices